Professional of the Year Best Practices

Various NEPGA Award Winners Discuss Keys to Success

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Course Description

12 Former New England PGA Award Winners in a panel setting discuss best practices and what has enabled them to be successful in their careers.

NEPGA University

Panelists Include:

Larry Kelley, PGA - 2018 Professional of the Year
John Fields, PGA - 2018 Merchandiser of the Year - Private
Jim DiMarino, PGA - 2011 Professional of the Year
Mark Gammons, PGA - 2015 Merchandiser of the Year - Private
Stuart Cady, PGA - 2017 Merchandiser of the Year - Private
Steve Clancy, PGA - 2018 Merchandiser of the Year - Public
Drew Anderson, PGA - 2017 Merchandiser of the Year - Resort
Chris Carpenter, PGA - 2013 Professional of the Year
Tony Decker, PGA - 2017 Professional of the Year
Zack Wyman, PGA - 2016 Professional of the Year
Chris Carter, PGA - 2010 Professional of the Year
Allan Belden, PGA - 2015 Professional of the Year

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  • Personal Wellness
  • Career Enhancement
  • Merchandising
  • Leadership

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  • Traversal rule : Lectures must all be seen and completed sequentially
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