Teaching Speed in the Modern Golf Swing

Michael Napoleon of SuperSpeed Golf

by NEPGA University

Coaching Speed in the Modern Golf Swing - During this talk we will introduce the Speed Pyramid and investigate about how ground force mechanics, rotational biomechanics, and wrist/club lag intertwine to create power in the golf swing. We will look in depth at underlying physical characteristics that affect the player’s ability to create speed in all of these areas. From here, we will discuss the neurological and neuromuscular components to creating speed. The overall goal of this presentation is to leave all participants with some applicable strategies to help golfers improve speed in the golf swing.

Students must earn a score of 70% to pass the Proficiency Test to complete the class.

Once completed, this class qualifies for 1 PGA Education MSR.

Chapter 1:   Welcome

Chapter 2:   Teaching Speed in the Modern Golf Swing

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