PING's Marty Jertson - Physics of Golf

PING's Marty Jertson provides insights to physics of golf

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PING Golf's Marty Jertson provides insights regarding the physics of the golf swing.

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Chapter 1 :   Intro

Chapter 2 :   Video Lecture

Chapter 3 :   Test

About Instructor

Marty is in his 15th year at PING, having worked on a wide variety of technologies, research, and product designs. He spent the last 5 years the Chief Engineer and is now the Vice President of Fitting & Performance. Among his many projects, Marty worked on the iPING® Putter Fitting App, a revolutionary use of the built-in phone sensors for putter fitting, the G30 driver and Turbulator technology, and most recently led the design efforts on the G410 driver, which has a unique no-sacrifice customization CG technology. In all, he is a named inventor on over 125 patents.


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